Body, Mind, Soul

 Somatic Touch Body Work

Somatic Experiencing™ involves the body in the healing process from emotional, physical or spiritual pain and suffering. This approach addresses trauma as not just in the event that took place, but in how stored “fight, flight, and freeze” threat-responses were active during that event and then held within the nervous system and body. The holding of this powerful energy, unexpressed is what creates symptoms associated with trauma and stress.

Clients often feel compelled to tell the story of what happened, however the telling of the “story” alone does not change what is stored in the body. The telling of the story often contributes to “stuck in the loop” without shifting the impact that is felt. Be guided in resolving or stabilizing the nervous system’s expression of stress and overwhelm. This practice uses tactile skills, somatic awareness, and other touch-related methods in the context of releasing conditioned protective responses and restoring a sense of ease and balance.


Heart-Centered Breathwork

Through simple, intentional breathing techniques, breathwork is an empowering and soulful experience. Breathwork can be done privately or in a small group in a comfortable safe environment. By breathing in a circular, deep pattern you will explore the inner workings of your subconscious, early conditioning, and emotional realm that affect your physical and spiritual well being. It’s a tool for helping release stress, anxiety, heal the soul, purify the body, and integrate wholeness. 

Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy ™ Massage & Self Care

Non-invasive visceral manipulation and massage that repositions internal organs to promote the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and Qi for optimal organ function. Treatments include self-care education, breath work, herbology, nutrition, and emotional and spiritual support for healing. This modality is a very accessible way to create one’s own health protocol using self-care massage techniques.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Individualized, heart-centered, sessions that address health, wellbeing and spiritual guidance.  Using modalities form Somatic Experiencing and Clean Language with Touch you will listen to the way your body and emotions are ‘stuck’ and learn to shift underlying patterns.  Leave with a deeper understanding of yourself.  


HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method​™ is a valuable tool in cultivating inner-strength for birth using techniques of self-relaxation, visualization, and breath-work. This practice can be through pregnancy and labor, but also carries forward in everyday life for managing stress or anxiety.

Vaginal Womb Steaming & Self-Care

For centuries, wise women the world over have used specific botanicals and steam to bring heat into the womb space, creating optimal conditions for deep healing to occur on both a physical and soul level. Vaginal steaming (“v-steaming”) helps bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promotes cleansing, and nourishes, tones, and heals the vaginal and uterine tissues. The process has been reported to help regulate menstrual cycles and reduce cramping, boost fertility, speed healing in the postpartum period, and relieve symptoms of menopause.