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12 Soul Nights

Meditation Overview
for the 12 Nights from
December 20th to 31st

12 Meditations

For each of the 12 Soul Nights we will create an invocation of 12 Allies as they relate to the Archetype and Soul Gate. These allies are referenced from the journey work of Jo Flagg (citation below 👇 and on our resource page).

First 3 nights: Winter / SHADOW Soul Gate ~ January – February – March

Inviting the Allies and Guides, and Presence of your Crone / Higher Self

EMOTION: Fear ~ ORGAN: Kidney, Bladder ~ CHAKRA: Crown, Root

SOUL NIGHT 1 / SHADOW ALLY: December 20 representing the month of January
In the center of our shadow is the brightest point of light. It is a place where we can access, receive, and retrieve the wisdom and support for our soul’s evolution.

SOUL NIGHT 2 / CRONE ALLY: December 21 representing the month of February
From the shadow is the connection to our body and soul, with the ‘wise self crowned, all labors near done, all ties unbound.’

SOUL NIGHT 3 / DEATH ALLY: December 22 representing the month of March
Acknowledgement of all one has ever been, and the cycle of death and rebirth.

Second 3 nights: Spring / EARTH Soul Gate ~ April – May – June

Inviting in the NEW, Allies & Guides of the Maiden Self

EMOTION: Anger ~ ORGAN: Liver, Gall Bladder ~ CHAKRA: Sacral, Solar Plexus

SOUL NIGHT 4 / WIND ALLY: December 23 representing the month of April
Through breath we draw the knowledge of all that is within our earthly experience.

SOUL NIGHT 5 / TREE ALLY: December 24 representing the month of May
From whose roots within the heart of the earth, we connect our branches to the sky — which orients us to our center.

SOUL NIGHT 6 / MEMORY ALLY: December 25 representing the month of June
Memory is the gift of wisdom which spans the experience of our journey through the ages.

Third 3 nights: Summer / HEART Soul Gate ~ July – August – September

Inviting in the Allies and Guides, and all aspects in of support of the Mother Self

EMOTION: Joy, Worry ~ ORGAN: Heart, Small Intestines, Stomach ~ CHAKRA: Heart, Throat

SOUL NIGHT 7 / EARTH ALLY: December 26 representing the month of July
Our wisest and truest element of our vibration, beating the rhythm of our essence.

SOUL NIGHT 8 / DREAM ALLY: December 27 representing the month of August
The gate of power hidden within a deep and profound realm — be not afraid.

SOUL NIGHT 9 / OCEAN ALLY: December 28 representing the month of September
The immense reservoir of our soul’s longing, allowing our emotions to ally with our tides.

Forth 3 nights: Fall / SKY Soul Gate

Inviting the Wisdom, Allies and Guides, of the Queen Self

EMOTION: Grief ~ ORGAN: Lungs, Large Intestines, Spleen ~ CHAKRA: Pineal / 3rd Eye

SOUL NIGHT 10 / UNIVERSE ALLY: December 29 representing the month of October
The mystery unknown and unknowable. The universal cosmos of the body and soul.

SOUL NIGHT 11 / MOON ALLY: December 30 representing the month of November
Sacred witness of the soul’s crossing of the dark night, casting silence and light.

SOUL NIGHT 12 / SUN ALLY: December 31 representing the month of December
The ancient eye of clarity, empowering the sage of our soul and body.

  1. Flagg, Jo. 2020 “Chapter 3: Invocation of the Allies.” In Vacationing in Canada My Travels in Non-Ordinary Reality, 265-274. Amazon Publishing.