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12 Soul Nights

Meditations on the Soul Gates and Seasonal Allies for the 12 Nights from
December 20th to 31st

A Collective Time of Reflection and Setting Intentions for 2023

The 12 Soul Nights journey connects us into our phases, cycles and seasons – representing the months in the year to come, granting the ability to reclaim and repair that from the past. This is a sacred soul journey of the pysche – soul, mind, spirit – about the transformative evolution one goes through in a month, year and a life. The meaning of pysche stems from ancient Greek meaning both butterfly and soul.

The support and love that awaits you is rich and deep. Be open to dreams, images, and behaviors during these 12 Soul Nights. You are meeting yourself between the worlds of body and soul, creating embodiment which is the union of both. This experience will offer support, nurturance and guidance.

SOUL GATES ~ Earth, Sky, Heart, Shadow

ARCHETYPAL PHASES ~ Maiden, Mother, Queen, Crone

The Soul Gates are the means to access parts of our psyche, representative of the senses and elements of the seasons. This meditative practice will connect each gate with an archetype, and an element of nature – an ally – for each month.

For each of the 12 Soul Nights we will create an invocation of 12 Allies as they relate to the Archetype and Soul Gate. These allies are referenced from the journey work of Jo Flagg (citation below👇 and on our resource page).

Join this practice as an opportunity to amplify your goals and intentions, calling in the Allies for support and guidance in the coming year. This is an invitation for you to be curious and vulnerable while trusting yourself, as you step into the unknown.

Here are some thoughts/ideas to incorporate into your nightly meditations:

How do the allies show up each night? Journal your insights, you can use the insights, words or images that come in for the coming months. 

Ask: Where do I come from? What is my power? Where am I going? What is my name? Feel free to draw or paint what shows up too.

~ Materials for Creating Ritual Space ~

  • A Special Poem or Song
  • A Candle
  • A Bowl or Cup
  • A Rock or Crystal
  • Use of Oracles/Decks

~ Ceremonial Salt Bath / Annointing ~

  • Comfortable Pillows / Blankets / Eye Pillow
  • A Journal
  • Ritual Body Oil and Salts
  • Holly Flower Essence ~ Revival! The Queen wears a crown made of Holly adored with ruby berries. She is the embodiment of Universal Love.

First 3 nights: Winter / SHADOW Soul Gate

Inviting the Presence of your Crone


Second 3 nights: Spring / EARTH Soul Gate

Inviting in the NEW, Allies of the Maiden



Third 3 nights: Summer / HEART Soul Gate

Inviting in the Allies in Support of the Mother


Forth 3 nights: Fall / SKY Soul Gate

Inviting the Wisdom of your Queen


  1. Flagg, Jo. 2020 “Chapter 3: Invocation of the Allies.” In Vacationing in Canada My Travels in Non-Ordinary Reality, 265-274. Amazon Publishing.

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