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The Butterfly Transformation

Twelve Soul Nights

~ The Evolution of the Womb - Maiden, Mother & Crone ~


Seasonal Portals and Rites of Passage offerings and sacred rituals that will help create a deeper connection to this beautiful process of life unfolding through each phase, season and element.
The Cocoon to the Butterfly.

~ The Maiden Initiation ~

Commences with the NEW MOON in March through April, culminating with the May FULL MOON

Learn Ritual Basics ~ Intro to Calling forth the 4 Directions/Elements, Creating Sacred Space, and Accessing your Guides

Focusing on the Follicular Phase of the Moon Cycle ~ Learn about setting healthy boundaries!

~ The Mother Journey ~

Commences with the NEW MOON in June through July, culminating with the August FULL MOON

Deepen the Journey with guided meditations ~ Cleansing and Clearing of the Chakras

Shadow/Mask Boundary Repair ~ Calling the Allies in relation to the Ovulatory Cycle ~ Focus on Ovulatory Phase

~ The Queen / Crone Transformation ~

Commences with the NEW MOON in September through October, culminating with the November FULL MOON

Deep dive into the Luteal Phase of the Moon Cycle ~ Maya Massage and Kundalini postures for Chakra Support

Engage the Subtle Body and tracking the nervous system ~ Sharing wisdom between Maiden/Mother/Crone

~ Celebration of the Twelve Soul Nights ~

December 20 through December 31

A collective time for setting one’s personal template in reflection and intention for the present and cycles ahead.

Each Seasonal Portal and Rite of Passage Offering will include:

1-on-1 Support

The 3-Month Womb Journey Training Booklet

Seasonal Workbooks (The Maiden Initiation, The Mother Journey, The Queen/Crone Transformation)

Videos & Sound Recordings to use throughout each phase of your moon cycle

Seasonal Cleansing & Healing Herbs provided by Bud & Bloom Botanicals

Ceremonial Bath Salts

Body Oils & Flower Essences of the Queen/Crone

Steam Stools Available if needed

…differing with each season with additional alter items shared by artisans within our community!

The Seasonal Portal Offerings will culminate with the celebration and intention setting time of the Twelve Soul Nights in December!

These sacred rituals that will help create a deeper connection to this beautiful process of life unfolding through each phase, season and element. 

The process of you becoming you. 

Honoring our cycles and phases of life through 

calling in the 3 powerful feminine energies of the Maiden, Mother and Queen/Crone.

Each season incorporates the wisdom of these very important portals of our lifetime. 

Calling on each of these 3 embodiments of their wisdom and knowledge of the most ancient ways of being, allows us to deepen this vibrant energy that already lives within our ancient bones. 

I will be following a similar format from the past New Moons, and including more opportunities to integrate the exercises, self-care abdominal massage techniques, somatic holds, and self-regulation processes to work with the nervous system. I will provide informational workbooks, meditations, and cycle tracking guidelines –  using castor oil packs and steaming / ceremonial bathing to coincide with each season with lessons for invoking the power and light of each of the maiden, mother crone energies, no matter what phase of life you are in. 

In order for you to collect the Circle season’s materials 

(workbooks, Herbal Blends ~ herbs, salts, and oils), 

Please Pre-REGISTER or inquire to come pick up your supplies

~ ONE Season’s Session $120 (Returning participants $100) ~

~ 4 Season Package $300 (Returning participants $240) ~

Workbooks included with the sessions OR available individually for $15.00 each

Please inquire for sliding fee options

**NOTE – you can join this circle at any time during this 3 month period to get the entire course content

Contact Heidi to begin YOUR Butterfly Transformation!

"I have spent the last 28 years of being a body-soul practitioner and a lifetime in relationship with my own body and, just like the lotus, it is still unfolding. I am so excited to share what I have learned so far, as well as offer one on one support as you are flowing through your own journey in your body. I will also be inviting other local healers and their offerings throughout this experience. We cannot become ourselves, by ourselves…"
XO Heidi Soper
Body & Mind Therapy Studio ~ Bozeman, MT

~ Workbooks ~

3-Month Womb Journey

Accompaniment to 'Womb Presence, a 3-Month Healing Journey, Honoring our Season's Cycles' Package (click to learn more) and also incorporated into the teachings with each season's journey.

Maiden Initiation Workbook

Introductory workbook to creating ritual space for healing, including Lunar calendar for tracking you cycle in relationship to the new and full moon cycle from March - May.

Mother Journey Workbook

Deepen and strengthen the capacity for wellness with exercises to explore boundary ruptures and the path for healing. Lunar calendar for June to August.

Queen/Crone Transformation Workbook

Delve into the full relationship of wisdom incorporating all of the months' lunar cycles with your chakra body. Includes moon calendar for September - November.