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About Heidi

Founder of Body & Mind Therapy Studio in Bozeman, Montana

Heidi Soper, ATMAT, LMT, SEP, CHT

Heidi Soper is a Body-Soul Practitioner. This means she will support you on your personal transformation journey through healing body work and transpersonal guidance. Heidi’s natural warmth and ease bring a nurturing presence to her clients’ experience. She guides sessions from a place of deep intuition, compassion, and body wisdom. Clients feel held in the womb by her heart and healing touch.

Heidi’s Background

Heidi lives in Bozeman with her husband Charlie and her puppy Wally, and enjoys being outside in nature. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience of how the body works and is deeply committed to personal growth and transformation.

Over the past twenty-five years, Heidi’s training has evolved from a more physical massage based approach to working with the body as a collective holistic system. She has witnessed time and again the body heal itself when the mind, emotions, spirit and body are in alignment and working together. Heidi adeptly supports clients align their mind, body, and being in their personal healing journey. She works with both women and men, of all ages–meeting you where you are. She believes that when we are connected to our true essence we can experience a profound sense of harmony, joy, equanimity, peace and love.

“As a practitioner and instructor, my work is helping others find personal integration of mind/body balance using self-care, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques.”

Discover the various services Heidi offers, or get in touch with her to deepen your mind, body & soul experience today.