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Somatic Maya Bodywork

Initial Visit

  • 90 minutes

Somatic Maya Bodywork

Follow-Up Visit(s)

  • 70 minutes


Individual and Couples' sessions; Initial visit $150

  • 70 minutes

Mother Hunger®

Packages and Individual Sessions, starting at:

  • 70 minutes

Read more about our Self Nourishment Offerings below...

Womb Presence, a 3-Month Healing Journey, Honoring our Season's Cycles

Womb Journey Booklet

3-Month Womb Journey Workbook

This booklet accompanies your journey and includes detailed information on the
4 Phases of each month's cycle and
the self-care techniques that can assist with one's own body-alignment, state of well-being, and health.

What would it be like to live in harmony with your body and to regain the intimate conversation with this inner guide? Womb facilitation focuses on reviving this connection through the mind, heart and womb centers and supports a regulated nervous system and full body transformation. This journey provides safe, gentle, and deep healing of old wounds and trauma stored within the many layers of the womb. It ignites a reunion with our sacred source of love, intuition, wisdom, empowerment, belonging and abundance. 

 Heidi designs a curated path to support your journey and midwifes the experience over three months through: 

– Includes Somatic body work sessions and guided womb healing sessions

– Arvigo abdominal self-care techniques and massage 

-Steaming, herbs, flower essences, and castor oil packs 

-Visualizations, transformational energy exercises, education and techniques to track body sensations and practice self-regulation skills. 

-Techniques to guide and support alignment with your cycle, biological rhythms, and a deeper understanding of the hormonal stages.  


3-Day Intensive Somatic Maya Abdominal Bodywork  

Using the Arvigo Method™ and Somatic Experiencing Techniques 
Four 2-hour sessions ($240 each) over a 3 day period, a value of $960; Housing options available for visitor’s to Bozeman.


Butterfly Transformation Seasonal Journey with the  Annual Celebration of Twelve Soul Nights 

Honoring and tuning into one’s own moon cycle. This program aligns the ‘Womb Presence’ offering into each of the seasonal new moon rite of passage intensives. Please read more details on our Butterfly Transformation & Twelve Soul Nights Page.

~ ONE Season’s Session $120 (Returning participants $100) ~

~ 4 Season Package $300 (Returning participants $240) ~

Workbooks available individually for $15.00 each